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In today’s constantly evolving agriculture commodity markets, continuous change is the new norm. Factors like severe weather, geopolitical tensions, domestic policies, biofuel demand, food security concerns and shifting trade flows keep impacting the market’s daily reality, resulting in high price volatility.

Staying informed about the market’s pulse and interpreting global supply and demand patterns or price signals has become more challenging yet crucial. Traditional methods like global price benchmarks are no longer sufficient. The market now relies on decentralized trade and price data, demanding an objective, locally immersed entity to provide more reliable information.

Fastmarkets is here to help you navigate this rapidly changing market. As a result of combining The Jacobsen, AgriCensus, EnergyCensus and Palm Oil Analytics, Fastmarkets Agriculture offers market-reflective price data, news and market intelligence.

With our comprehensive insights, we empower our customers to manage financial risk and gain a competitive edge in volatile markets.

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Slower deliveries of wheat and corn feed factor into recent projections of cattle and pork production

Report by the International Council on Clean Transportation suggests only 12.2 billion gallons of SAF would come from biomass sources deemed to be sustainable

Despite recent rains favoring crops, Brazilian farmers remain cautious

Renewed restrictions on the Panama Canal curb shipping expectations

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