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If your business produces or consumes agriculture, forestry, and metals and mining commodities, you’re exposed to risks ranging from unseasonable weather to unexpectedly high prices. Market sentiment and multiple other complex factors contribute to an ever-shifting landscape, never more so than in recent years, when Covid-19 and a series of geopolitical crises highlighted the fragility of global supply chains.

To insulate your business from volatility, Fastmarkets can help you understand the tools that could help you mitigate or enhance your exposure to the commodities prices that drive your operational returns. 

Our team will work with yours to uncover why, how, and what firms like yours hedge. 

Our risk solutions director David Becker has put together an overview of a typical risk solutions consulting engagement. Download the presentation here

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Use Fastmarkets price data to settle against exchange-traded commodity derivative contracts

Fastmarkets NewGen lithium and cobalt futures contracts enable you access to risk management solutions as you make strategic business decisions

How we can help you manage price risk

Using a wide range of commodities expertise, we can help you hedge targeted price exposure. We’ll help you evaluate a range of commodity prices that can impact your business and run scenario analysis so you can exploit opportunities and curtail any threats thrown at you.

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Latest risk management insights

This week, the Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME) launched option contracts on lithium hydroxide, which are cash-settled and differ from many of the CME commodity options on futures

Abaxx Exchange Pte Ltd plans to launch its new nickel sulfate futures contract by the end of this year and is looking at other contracts in the battery raw materials space, its president told Fastmarkets in a recent interview

Market participants in the battery raw materials supply chain will have an increasing need to hedge lithium carbonate to mitigate price risks, and demand for this will soon grow in both Europe and North America

More businesses are turning to price reporting agencies like Fastmarkets and chief procurement officers (CPOs) are looking for protection against adverse price movements and to identify new buying opportunities

Financially settled contracts for metals have grown in popularity over the last 12 months, and this likely played a role in a change of ownership at Traxys

The Commodity Futures Trading Commission starts reporting cobalt futures position information

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